Two papers accepted @ MPLR’23

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We were more than happy to hear that two of our papers have been accepted to be presented at MPLR’23 co-located with SPLASH 2023 in Cascais, Portugal!

The first work titled “Unified Shared Memory: Friend or Foe? Understanding the Implications of Unified Memory on Managed Heaps” (submitted by UNIMAN) shows how a Java runtime system can perform object reclamation not only on the host, but also on an accelerator device (e.g. a GPU). This is achieved by allocating the Java Virtual Machine’s object heap in unified shared memory which is visible by all hardware accelerators.

The second work titled “A Multifaceted Memory Analysis of Java Benchmarks” (submitted by UNIMAN ) aims to initiate new research opportunities, such as profiling studies and optimization approaches, for MREs and to provide the research community with useful insights regarding the memory behavior and characterisation of the most common Java benchmarks.

Both papers can be found in our Publications section.

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