Developing an open-source software ecosystem for the emerging EU processor designs.

The Project

AERO has the single mission of enabling the future heterogeneous EU cloud infrastructure.

Towards this, AERO will upbring and optimize all components necessary to achieve out-of-the-box heterogeneous execution of the cloud ecosystem on the EU processor. The outcome will be a set of compilers, runtime systems, operating systems, system software, and auxiliary software deployment services that can seamlessly exploit the heterogeneity aspects of the EU processor with regards to high performance, energy efficiency, and security.

AERO will open-source all enabling technologies and release software prototypes to further accelerate the development and adoption of the EU cloud. 


Managed Programming Languages

AERO will upbring and optimize the state-of-the-art OpenJDK, GraalVM, and the EU-derived TornadoVM framework that can automatically and transparently accelerate managed programming languages on heterogeneous co-processors, such as GPUs and FPGAs.

Native Programming Languages & Runtimes

AERO will develop the ecosystem surrounding standardized open-source heterogeneous programming languages and runtimes (SYCL, OpenCL and DPC++/OneAPI) for the heterogeneous EU cloud comprising GPUs and RISC-V co-processors.

OS, drivers & virtualization support

AERO will optimize the Linux distributions that will be supported by the EU processor. In addition, work will be undertaken in the context of Docker and KVM to add containerization and virtualization support to the EU processor, including both its CPU cores and the underlying RISC-V co-processors.

State-of-the-art cloud deployments

AERO will upbring and optimize the most prevalent software components used for cloud deployment and virtualization, including management, orchestration and monitoring.  Frameworks such as Kubernetes and Firecracker, along with frameworks based on them, such as Maestro and ExaFlow, will be ported and optimized for the EU processor and cloud infrastructure

Hardware acceleration for performance & security

AERO will develop the necessary hardware and software interfaces for exploiting in a cloud context the underlying hardware components of Rhea, EPI’s first generation processor, such as hardware-accelerated encryption modules.

Adoption of the EU cloud ecosystem

AERO will accelerate the adoption of the EU cloud ecosystem via upstreaming to open-source projects, communicating and disseminating AERO’s results to industry, academia, and standardization bodies.